BreatheINK Youth Poetry Slam Rules


1. Three elimination rounds

    - 1st and 3rd round time limit - 3:30

    - 2nd round time limit - 2:00

    - .5 penalty per every 10 seconds over

2. One original poem per round

3. No costumes, props, or music is allowed (2 point deduction)

4. A panel of 5 judges will score each poem from 0.0-10.0.  The top and bottom scores will be dropped, with the three middle scores added to form the final score for that poem.

5. The poets with the highest cumulative scores at the end of the 1st and 2nd rounds each will advance to the next round.

Points System

1. Poets will earn points by participating in the following:

    a. Attending a workshop = 0.5 points

    b. Placing at a slam = 1st place - 3 points

                                                2nd place - 2 points

                                                3rd place - 1 points

2. Following the last slam in March, the top 12 poets with the most points will be eligible to participate in the Grand Slam Finals in April.

Top 5 highest scoring poets at Finals qualify to represent Charlotte, NC at Brave New Voices.